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CDN Performance Boost for India

CDN Performance Boost for IndiaCDN performance is critical for CDN providers looking to attract new customers and ensure that data is delivered from websites to end users as quickly as possible. This requires not just the creation of new technologies and innovations, but also collaboration between complementary organisations.

One such collaborative effort to help improve CDN performance has been announced this month between CDN provider Verizon and Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecoms services provider. They are partnering to create four new points of presence (PoPs) in India, to be located in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and New Delhi. These new PoPs will help increase content delivery network capacity in India, one of the world’s biggest emerging markets for the technology, and will go a long way to boosting CDN performance in the country.

CDN Performance in India

“We are expanding our content delivery network in strategic markets that our customers care about, and we have found a long-term partner in Airtel Business,” said Verizon Digital Media Services chief technology officer Rob Peters. “The launch of these strategic PoPs marks the beginning of a strong partnership between Verizon and Airtel Business and further cements our commitment to providing consumers in India, one of the fastest-growing markets for digital media consumption, with exceptional services and quality.”

“India is fast emerging as a large regional IP hub and we are excited to enable Verizon Digital Media Services to provide best-in-class digital services in India. This collaboration ensures superior user experiences and seamlessly handles traffic spikes as connected devices, subscribers and content size continue to grow. We are delighted by the positive results seen in a very short time and we are confident that in the long term, Indian mobile Internet users are going to immensely benefit from this partnership,” said Bharti Airtel Director & CEO-Global Voice & Data Business, Ajay Chitkara.”

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