CDN Optimisations for Verizon

CDN Optimisations for VerizonCDN optimisations are a never ending battle for content delivery networks providers. As CDN providers seek to improve their network performance and stay ahead of their rivals, these updates and tweaks to their networks can help them stand out from the crowd and offer industry leading content delivery network performance.

As such, CDN optimisations are top of the agenda for content delivery network providers like Akamai, CDNetworks and Qwilt. Now, the latest CDN provider to embark on implementing CDN optimisations is Verizon. They have announced  that they will be deploying Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) across its content delivery network, which comprises of 125 points of presence globally. The transport protocol, developed by Google, improves web page load and transaction speeds.

CDN Optimisations Benefits

These new changes will be available to all existing and future Verizon clients at no extra cost to their current subscription. The feature can easily be enabled thanks to a simple rules engine that can be switched on quickly.

“We are always working to improve our network performance for our customers, who are in the business of providing digital media to their end users as quickly, securely and cost-efficiently as possible,” said Frank Orozco, chief technology officer, Verizon Digital Media Services. “Whether it’s streaming a widely watched sports event or accelerating a shopping cart transaction, every millisecond counts.”

“We recently expanded our relationship with Verizon Digital Media Services to implement QUIC across many of our sites, including Logitravel, the leading pan-European online travel agency accessed by millions of travelers each year,” said Iñaki Fuentes, CEO of Bluekiri. “Since implementing QUIC, we have experienced a significant improvement in web performance, with visitors now able to access information faster than ever. We couldn’t be happier to help our customers spend less time on planning and more time on actually enjoying the vacations they’ve worked so hard to make happen.”

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