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CDN network launched by RCom

CDN network developments in developing countries are providing fantastic opportunities for businesses to grow their market and for individuals to access data at high speeds from around the world. Some of the CDN network launched by RCommost exciting and largest CDN network developments to take place in recent years have occurred in developing countries, such as those in Latin America and Asia, where the potential pool of CDN customers and the number of CDN providers is growing at a rapid rate.

The latest CDN network development to make the news is the recent launching of a content delivery network by RCom (Reliance Communications). RCom is an Indian internet access and telecoms company headquartered in Navi Mumbai and they have announced that they will be constructing CDN network nodes in five Indian cities.

RCom already has 11 centres on a cloud platform – these new nodes will be cloud exchange nodes. The five nodes will be located in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. This is unsurprising given the sizes of these cities and their importance for global internet traffic. These new nodes go hand in hand with RCom’s commitment to roll out their cloud services to 120 locations around the world within 24 months.

CDN Network Advantages

Anil Ambani, chairman of RCom, said the next-generation cloud delivery network would be fully commissioned by the end of this year. He stated that “these Cloud Xchange nodes can help government departments access 240 times the amount of compute power currently available in government data centres, and over six times the high-speed storage currently available in India."

Speaking of the developments, Manoj Menon, senior partner and managing director of Frost and Sullivan, commented on how cloud computing has made an impact on the lives of many Indians. He stated that "it is also driving business model innovation and helping businesses. Going forward, the impact will be even more pervasive - with innovative solutions around safe cities, smart homes, connected cars and better healthcare," he added.

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