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CDN Network to be Developed by LeEco

CDN network performance is being sought by many companies with an online presence these days. This is thanks to the way in which CDN networks are constructed, allow large amounts of CDN Network to be Developed by LeEcodata to be delivered quickly and efficiently around the world. As such, CDN providers, such as Akamai and CDNetworks, are experiencing unprecedented demand for the CDN network services.

Thanks to this increasing demand, more and more tech companies are deciding to enter the CDN race, including Apple’s high profile foray to provide its own CDN services for its App Store. Now, the latest tech company to enter the lucrative CDN network market is LeEco.

CDN Network Development

LeEco are a Chinese smartphone maker, and they have announced that they are developing a cloud and content delivery network with $10 million of investment. The CDN will be based in 10 locations around Indian and will be intended to reach out to 10 million users across many different smart devices.

"India will be the second market after China, to have content we provide. We plan to tie up with providers to deliver third party content and are also evaluating producing LeEco's own local content," Atul Jain, COO, Smart Electronics Business, LeEco India, said in a statement.

He went on to say "we wish to replicate our successful global ecosystem model in India, offering users a distinct content integrated offering across our devices. The setting up of our CDN infrastructure further reiterates our commitment to build the Le Ecosystem in the country and provide our users with an uncompromised experience. Our ecosystem is aimed at reshaping the boundaries of media and with our 'One Cloud' approach we intend to deliver a premium content experience across every screen."

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