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CDN network acceleration for BMW

CDN network services are being used by a growing number of large companies around the world. As they look to provide their customers with better performance and increase their market share through improved search engine listings, these organisations are seeking the best deals from the best CDN providers around. And there certainly are many to choose from.

The latest company to take advantage of the performance benefits of a well-implemented CDN network is BMW. One of the most trusted car manufacturers in the world, the German company is leveraging the high performance Level 3 CDN network. The company will utilize the network to speed up the flow of data between its Munich headquarters and their more than 4,000 dealerships around the world.


CDN Network Advantages

The key reasons for taking advantage of the high speed Level 3 CDN network was to improve security and speed. The network allows BMW’s dealers to react much more quickly to customer requests when uploading assets to the Level 3 storage platform. Furthermore, the Level 3 solutions can quickly and efficiently check the web URL and credentials of BMW employees before upload or download, improving the overall security of BMW’s operation.

The move is part of a general overhaul of BMW’s infrastructure that is tailored to specific requirements and allows them to replacing the DVD-based distribution of assets that the company has used for a number of years.

"Enabling BMW to significantly improve the dealer and customer experience was a tangible outcome of this project," explains Gerald Rubant, director of sales, Enterprise Business for Germany, Austria & Switzerland at Level 3. "It underscores how our unique combination of customer proximity and global performance is suited to the demands of today's global corporations."

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