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CDN investment for Fastly

We have spoken before about Fastly’s content delivery network and how it is revolutionising the CDN space. The unique service offers a software-centric as well as an innovative approach that improves data caching speeds through the use of high performance solid state drives on all their servers. These drives are much faster compared to traditional mechanical drives and can reduce seek times dramatically. Now Fastly are announcing increased CDN investment.

CDN investment

The results of these innovations are clear. Since setting up shop in 2013, Fastly have tripled their number of employees across their San Francisco, New York and London offices as they deal with the welcomed challenges of having a tripled customer base, which includes high profile clients such as Twitter, Four Square, Kick Starter, Etsy, Pinterest and the UK Government. This increase has led to 3x increase the number of traffic Fastly distributes and has encouraged them to offer a wide range of new streaming media services, including live, video on demand, transcode and packaging services.

CDN Investment Plans

These changes have taken place thanks to the CDN investment Fastly have made to their services over the past few years. And now, Fastly are looking to increase their CDN investment and growth, a goal made possible by their recent raising of a US$40 million Series C funding round.


Fastly have planned a large scale CDN investment with these new funds, with intentions to hire more engineers and build a host of new points of presence (PoPs) around the globe for their end users to access. These will supplement their 17 existing PoPs, and will be placed in 8 locations including Seattle, Brazil, Stockholm, South Africa and Taiwan.


Complete with their high quality cache servers, which come fully loaded with 18 terrabytes of SSD storage and 768 gigabytes of RAM, these new points of presence are certain to provide Fastly’s customers with more of the high end performance they have come to expect whilst reaching a greater number of potential clients around the world.

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