What is CDN? Learn All About Content Delivery Network


CDN Performance Gains for SaaS Providers Thanks to Akamai

CDN performance can make or break a website. If your CDN isn’t performing as expected, your site will load slowly and downloads will take an age. Content delivery network providers must therefore constantly invest in their infrastructure to ensure their CDN performance keeps up with the expectations of their clients.

CDN performance has been at the heart of a recent enhancement of capabilities by Akamai,

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Content Delivery Network Expansion for CDNetworks

Content delivery network providers excel at delivering data around the globe at high speeds and high levels of efficiency. But in order to keep up with growing demands from an increasingly globalized world, many CDN providers must consistently upgrade their infrastructure to ensure they provider their customers with the most comprehensive worldwide coverage.

CDNetworks is one of the latest content delivery network providers to announce that they are expanding their CDN in an effort to improve performance and content delivery network cdnetworkstheir global footprint.

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