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CDN Provider Akamai Continues to See Growth

CDN provider competition is at an all-time high, with many new companies seeking to knock incumbent operators off their perch by offering new and exciting products. We have seen a host of new providers with innovative products looking to shake up the space, such as Fastly and their SSD points of presence that provide lightning quick storage.

However, it seems that some of the large mainstays of the industry are keeping their head above the pack and offering servicesCDN Provider Akamaithat continue to be attractive to potential CDN customers.

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CDN Provider Aryaka Achieves Massive Growth

CDN provider competition is at an all time high. With many new CDN providers entering this crowded and lucrative market every year, new niches are being created and filed all the time.

One such CDN provider is Aryaka. A leading provider of WAN optimization, network, application delivery and cloud networks, cdn provider AryakaAryaka riding high for the past year thanks to an expansion in its network and a plethora of new services that have been made available to their customers.

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Web performance in Uruguay beats US at peak times

Web performance is a very important issue for both businesses and consumers. Fast internet allows businesses to showcase their wares to a broader audiences whilst consumers can access online content such as high definition video and software downloads quickly and efficiently. Both improve end user satisfaction whilst resulting in generally higher profits for business that rely on the internet for their trade.

As such, it is important for nations to keep their network infrastructure up to date and performing optimally.

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