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Akamai CDN to go Green by 2020

Akamai CDN customers already enjoy some of the best content delivery network services and performance available in the Akamai CDN to go Green by 2020market. With global points of presence located around the globe, the Akamai CDN can serve many different types of data, both static and dynamic, to a broad range of geographies all over the world. Now, as if these credentials were not enough, the CDN provider has pledged to push their sustainability and green credentials with a new initiative to reduce carbon emissions dramatically and ensure that 50% of their global operations are covered by energy that is sourced from renewable sources by the year 2020.

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Akamai CDN targeted by Comcast

Akamai CDN services and technologies are amongst the most respected CDN providers in the content delivery network industry. The CDN Akamai CDN targeted by Comcastprovider is renowned for their high performance global network and their comprehensive customer service, making the Akamai CDN the go to network for large, multinational companies looking to improve their global reach.

Now, Comcast, the biggest cable TV firm in the US,

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