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CloudFront Expansion in South Africa

CloudFront Expansion in South AfricaCloudFront expansion is great for Amazon CloudFront customers as it allows them to have unfettered access to markets all across the globe. While the company already has a huge footprint, any new locations are always welcomed.

Amazon CloudFront is the content delivery network aspect of Amazon Web Services (AWS) product and they have announced a new point of presence that will be located in an edge location in Johannesburg.

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Akamai CDN Services: Blockchain Based Payment

Akamai CDN Services: Blockchain Based PaymentAkamai CDN services are amongst the best in the world, and new services are often made available by the company in a bid to attract new customers and cement their position as one of the leading content delivery network providers in the world. With a comprehensive global network and reputation for performance and quality, they are trusted by large companies around the world.

Now, a new platform is being added to the list of Akamai CDN services –

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Broadpeak CDN Eye North American Growth

Broadpeak CDN Eye North American GrowthBroadpeak CDN customers have access to one of the world’s leading content delivery network (CDN) and video streaming solutions providers for content providers and pay-TV operators worldwide. They operate a high performance content delivery network and boast large global customers including 3 Mobile, T-Mobile, Emtel, SES Americom, Nowo and VTVcab. This is a testament to the quality of their network and represents impressive growth for a relatively young company.

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