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Asian CDN growth for Highwinds

Asian CDN locations are fast becoming amongst the most popular means for content delivery network providers to boost their network performance. We have written extensively on the trend for large CDN providers to establish Asian CDN bases and point of presences (PoP), and now Highwinds is the latest big name player to expand their presence in the region.

Asian CDN

This month, Highwinds announced that they are developing their Asian CDN with a new point of presence in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. This PoP will complement their existing Asia-Pacific points of presence in Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney, helping to ensure their Asian CDN is performing at its best.


Asian CDN Demand

The development of this new PoP comes at the request of existing Highwinds customers, illustrating how content owners are experiencing a surge in demand from customers based in Asia. The new PoP will primarily be used for the delivery of rich multimedia, online advertising and games, including content from one of the world’s largest online gaming platforms. Given the popularity of online gaming in many Asian countries, the development of an Asian CDN with dedicated gaming support in local PoPs is a real advantage for Highwinds’ customers.


Commenting on the new Asian CDN development, Steve Miller, founder and CEO of Highwinds, said "the speed at which we turned on Manila is a real tribute to our highly capable infrastructure team. Whether it's a new PoP in Asia or Latin America or in our own backyard, the team is always efficient at responding to customer needs. I believe we have a loyal and ever-growing customer base because of our ability to react and respond with speed and quality - in PoP installation, in network performance, in customer service, in everything we do.

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