Amazon CDN Expands to Canada

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Amazon CDN Expands to Canada Amazon CDN Amazon CDN Expands to Canada amazon cloudfront logoAmazon CDN customers benefit from some of the best content delivery network performance available to the market. With a huge number of services and high tech solutions, the Amazon CDN (know at the Amazon CloudFront) gives other CDN providers a run for their money.

Now, the Amazon CDN is expanding to two new Canadian locations. They are developing edge servers in Toronto and Montreal. These servers will be a series of proxy servers, which will cache a plethora of different types of content, including video and software.

Jeff Barr, the Amazon CDN chief evangelist, explained, “with a long feature list (powered in large part by customer requests) Amazon CloudFront is well-suited to delivering your static, dynamic, and interactive content to users all over the world at high speed and with low latency. As part of the AWS Free Tier, you can handle up to 2 million HTTP and HTTPS requests and transfer up to 50 GB of data each month at no charge.”

Amazon CDN Global Reach

These new servers takes the total number of Amazon CDN CloudFront edge locations to 59. Located around the world, they can be found in North America, Europe, Asia and South America.

Barr continued, “If your application already uses CloudFront you need not do anything special in order to take advantage of the new locations. Your users will enjoy fast, low-latency access to your static, dynamic, or streamed content regardless of their location. As a developer, you will find CloudFront to be simple to use as well as cost-effective. Because it is elastic, you don’t need to over-provision in order to handle unpredictable traffic loads.”

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