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Akamai versus CDNetworks

Akamai versus CDNetworks – when considering which content delivery network provider to use when accelerating sensitive and popular data, this is a question that many potential CDN customers inevitably ask themselves. Both Akamai and CDNetworks offer highly advanced networks and a plethora of services to ensure that all types of data can be accelerated, including static, dynamic and video content. This means that customers form a broad range on industries will be well served by both CDN providers, whether they specialise in delivering large data files, such as software downloads, dynamic content, such as social networks, or live streaming video content.

Akamai versus CDNetworks: NetworkAkamai versus CDNetworks

As is to be expected from globally renowned content delivery network providers, both Akamai and CDNetworks have high performance networks that accelerate data to the furthest reaches of the globe.

Akamai has a particularly strong network. Consisting of over 100,000 servers across 80 countries around the world, this in house network is amongst the best offered by a CDN provider. With points of presence on every major continent, you can be sure your data will be delivered quickly and efficiently with Akamai.

Founded in 2000, CDNetworks has had plenty of time to develop their global network. Boasting the ability to deliver websites and web applications to 99% of the world within milliseconds, the CDNetworks network consists of over 161 points of presence across 99 cities.

Akamai versus CDNetworks: Customers

When it comes to customers, the Akamai versus CDNetworks question show just how close these two companies are in terms of their network reliability and performance. Some of the world’s biggest companies rely on both CDNs to accelerate their data around the world.

Akamai boasts Banzai, Sky, Schneider, Digi-Key, Garena, US Department of State, PUMA, Office and Fiat amongst their customers, whilst CDNetworks delivers data for The French Tennis Association, MADE, Zipcar, Hostelworld.com Trend Micro and Bally Technologies, amongst many others.

Akamai versus CDNetworksAkamai versus CDNetworks: Technology

The Akamai CDN is built upon leading technologies, including TCP connection optimisation, pre-fetching and route optimisation, ensuring all data is delivered smoothly and efficiently no matter what the level of traffic is.

CDNetworks, on the other hand, boasts technology such as content acceleration SSL, content targeting and blocking and an automated purge tool that purges existing only content as it is updated.

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