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Akamai CDN renewed by Hotstar

Akamai CDN renewed by HotstarAkamai CDN customers are amongst the most well catered for in the content delivery network market. With a plethora of CDN services and a high speed global network, the Akamai CDN has proved to a benchmark from which many aspiring content delivery network providers base their products.

As a testament to the quality of the Akamai CDN, many of the world’s biggest brands trust Akamai to deliver their online content needs. This list includes Adobe, Airbnb, Absolut, the American Red Cross, Buzzfeed, Fox, IBM and the Met Office.

Akamai CDN Benefits

Another one of Akamai’s customers is Hotstar, India’s largest premium video streaming platform. Hotstar are already an Akamai client, and they have now announced that they will be renewing their subscription with the Akamai CDN. They cite the CDN’s ability to deal with the huge amounts of bandwidth and peak video streaming numbers as being one of the key reasons for continuing to use the Akamai CDN.

Speaking of the renewal, Parimal Pandya, Vice President, Media, APJ, at Akamai Technologies said, “the Internet has become an important source for accessing global sporting events, and Akamai has consistently helped deliver events of scale around the world. Hotstar is a valued partner for Akamai and one that is consistently setting new benchmarks in video streaming and live sports consumption in particular. We are extremely proud of this successful partnership.”

Ajit Mohan, CEO of Hotstar added, “since the launch of Hotstar in February 2015, we have seen a 10x increase in online viewership for sporting events. Planning for concurrency in live sports is a big part of delivering an outstanding uninterrupted experience for our users and Akamai has been an instrumental partner in helping us scale numbers that are very rarely seen online globally.”

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