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Akamai CDN for Mauj Mobile

Akamai CDN customers can boast some of the best content delivery network services and web performance in the CDN market. With many high profile customer, Akamai has proved that they canAkamai CDN for Mauj Mobile supply industry-leading technologies at affordable prices, whilst also offering competitive prices and being the envy of many other CDN providers.

The latest company to take advantage of the Akamai CDN is Mauj Mobile. Mauj Mobile are a mobile games developer based in India, and they will be using the Akamai CDN to provide high performance game downloads and network gaming for its users in India. In the past 12 months, Mauj have seen over 100 million downloads of their games from their various online market places, so the Akamai CDN will provide a welcome performance boost to their many customers. With around 30 – 40% of downloads coming from low latency mobile networks, the CDN performance boost will ensure customer can download games easily whilst on the go.

Akamai CDN Benefits

Speaking of the development, Badri Sanjeevi, Mauj Mobile's co-founder and chief executive officer, said in a statement "our association with Akamai gives us the right opportunity to offer the best content in the most secure way, surpassing the challenge of data connectivity in India.

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